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Use Instagram Stories and boost engagement with your followers

boost engagement with your followers

- 10 months ago



Instagram is an oversaturated platform that helps us to connect with followers. This Social Media platform offers a brand to post their business photos and videos on Instagram to connect and engage with more followers.  To fit content into your feed, you might need to spend few hours in editing content for making them awesome, so that the Instagram could ignore your file. Instagram is very similar to Snapchat; delete content from timeline after a specific period of time. Since the Instagram Stories is the best way to connect your followers; here we are giving some tips to receive the greatest benefits from Instagram Stories

·        Display your followers contents

This one is a great technique to boost engagement. Since, Instagram provides only 24 hours to showcase a user’s photos and videos on Stories, it seek quick attention from their followers. It automatically deletes it users’ contents from their timelines after 24 hours. Of course, you can save these content using “Highlight” option. Since it deletes contents after 24 hours, users have still some ways to display their contents in their timeline. These are not very hard to do.

If you are a brand and you want to publish new contents regularly, you might share your fans and followers’ photos and videos. Sharing users-uploaded contents from fans and follower is a perfect way to stay connected with them. For example, An accessories brand named ‘Moon and Lola’ regularly share user-uploaded photos and videos in their stories. Actually, the company knows well about how to show loyalty to their customers. Publishing such stories allow the company to show their products in action. This impact great on followers and turn many followers into regular customers.

If you are a brand and want to receive more impression from consumers, share users-uploaded contents that features your products and service. Sharing user-upload contents also help a non-brand to build a relationship with influences.

·        Lunch exclusive sales

Instagram is the perfect place to share limited time deals including giveaways, and exclusive sales offers. This is really a good idea for your business. Since the time is limited, customers are encouraged to purchase sooner. As there is urgency, customers react quickly to get these offers, which increase the sales of the company.

If a brand wants to add urgency to their sales offers, they should utilize Instagram. It will help you to drive more sales and encourage your target audience to take action within the desired time period. Individuals can give any offer that adds value to their account. It also helps to get more attention in future.

For example, J Crew is a famous apparel brand that actually knows well how to make a buzz on Social Media at their product lunching time. They arrange a contest over Instagram and announce a winner in their post. The contest encourages their followers to make an exclusive deal before the time goes up. So, it can be said that Lunching exclusive sales deals, or personal giveaways help a brand to increase attention from their existing followers.

·        Instagram Takeover

This is an emerging trend to share your brand story. Usually, an influence comes in action to manage your account for 24 hours. In this time period, the influence will create new posts and share your story on your Instagram account. An influence can take over your account to share your perspective in a whole new way.

Most of the popular brands have an unlimited budget for marketing. They work with popular influencers to take over their Instagram reputations. If you have to maintain a tight budget, you might work with micro-influencers to get the right audience. In this regard, it seems that it is the perfect time to review some Instagram likes providers and chooses the best one which will help bring more attention from followers.

·        Take everything behind the scenes

Instagram Stories give priority over aesthetics contents that are closely similar to the native feed. Since Instagram Stories demand less visually, you can post photos and videos of a business’s behind scenarios, or, contents can be out taken from your best photographs. In order to give your followers a sneak peeks about your new products before launching them, you can post photos of a fun moment in your life, a tour of your office, or your opinion on the recent news. For example, “Airbnb” choose only the travel section, and only highlight their users travel experiences. They don’t push their followers with thousands of products and services from their list. They only share stories of their users as regular posts.

Airbnb wants to make their followers have a glimpse of what actually happens when people use their app and rent a room. It put a great importance to gain more follower like-minded travelers. So, think of an interesting story that can tell the real stories behind your content.

·        Use Hashtags to find the right audience

It is an age-old tool of Instagram that can drive more engagement with follower and increase discoverability. Using hashtags is one of the most important things on Instagram since they announced that they are going to index your contents (photos and videos) using the Discover page. For example, #TBT is a most used hashtag that everyone loves. Your photo with young Britney Spears, and Zoe Saldana; can make people nostalgic. So, you don’t need to create new stores. Just use hashtag properly.

Using the right hashtag on Instagram will help you to find the right audience for your business, but before reaching the right audience you have to do some research. On the other hand, using irrelevant hashtags on your stories can break your reputation. Also, irrelevant hashtag may drive useless traffic to your business.

·        Tell your story

Instagram is a fast-changing platform where posting just photos and videos on your account will not help you solely. Keeping your contents fresh and relevant will increase your brand reputation to the eyes of the followers. By adding effective strategy you start a conversation with your follower in the right ways which help to engage followers.


Use the Instagram stories for good purposes, and follow creative ways to drive more followers with engagement. You can learn from some of the brightest brands that use Instagram to connect with their followers. Check how these brightest brands use their art while uploading their stores.