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- 10 months ago



Getting your content online and making it get traffic on social media platforms is what every online marketers dream of.  Luck is not adequate enough for making you get traffic on social media platforms . There are a lot of videos and pictures which are posted every single day by brands and that  results to competition in other to  make a place for your post in most people’s  newsfeed. But even if it tends to be an hard task and luck has an impact on how much traffic your content get, it would not seem impossible to achieve if you can follow the tips and tricks below.


This go a long away in arousing peoples interest and it is more likely that they will share your content with their social media audience. This list can range from anything like products with top rating in your niche down to tips and tricks that can solve peoples issues. The way list works is that they don’t only pick their interest but also let them know what exactly they will be expecting from the content. If the lists are good, your content will be much shared.

 Bright Myths

No matter which niche your brand belongs to, there are always myths about the niche that are not true. So, what you should do is find out what they are and find creative ways to demystify these myths once and for all. Having this type of  content online, you give your audience valuable information that they will also be inclined to share with their social audience. On social media People always want to be seen as smart, so why don’t you  give them  sufficient opportunity to do it?


Notwithstanding  of the niche your product belongs to , there are sum mistake that make and they keep doing it. Just  like cracking  a myth, you can as well provide people with sensitive information about what they should not do in order to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

Try to relate those mistake in a friendly manner that will interest them to read so that they will keep reading till the end . They will also tend to share trhe content if they find it useful enough.

Uncommon Opinion

This kind of content should be geared towards positivitity as it may lead to total controversy. And this may return bring negative review to your product and youy wont like that. It should be an positive content that is unexpected and uncommon like “Why everyone can’t get rich”.

Such content tend to arouse their interest and even makes them want to share it when they done reading.

Present Event

Getting to place current event in your content , can lead to people wanting to read your content . such content that get nice engagement in no time. There is one important thing  when it comes to such content . people tends to get engaged with such content within a short period of time and when the events which led to their engagement with  such content is passed , the content tend not to be usefull to them anymore and also to you.

Holidays and festivals

You can make use of holidays and festivals to get engagement to your content. You have to b e creative and create a content that revolves around the particular festival or holiday.