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Grow Our Twitter Following and Buy Twitter Followers from These Top 10 Sites

Buy Twitter Followers

- 4 months ago


Twitter is a social media forerunner popular with celebrities, TV personalities, and politicians. Even before Facebook and Instagram burst into the scene, Twitter already established its success in gaining the interest of famous individuals. If your target audience actively using Twitter to engage with one another, you need to invest in growing your presence in this platform. One way of doing this is to Buy Twitter followers.


Is marketing on Twitter worth it?


There are currently 65.8% of US companies and brands using Twitter as a marketing tool. Their efforts to grow a significant Twitter following banks on the fact that 47% of consumers who follow their favorite brands on Twitter are also likely to visit the company website and make a purchase. As such, you can expect that Twitter hosts accounts from small entrepreneurs to the largest companies. 

The primary edge of Twitter is the speed of exposure they offer through the 280-character per post platform. Some Twitter users use it to advertise upcoming events and product launches. In addition to this, Twitter is also an excellent avenue for running advertisements. Twitter is not only a way to reach your target market, but it also allows you to keep track of what the competition is saying about your brand. Twitter is also a networking tool that will enable you to engage in real-time with your fan base. 


Twitter statistics

For those who are still not sold on the idea that being on Twitter is vital for businesses, here are some of the features of the platform as well as statistical data to further convince you. Twitter is a valuable asset because it has a worldwide following of 1 billion active users. In the US alone, there are approximately 69 million active users monthly. According to the report published by Pew Research, around 25% of American adults get updated on daily news from Twitter. Furthermore, 500 million tweets are coursing through the network every day. 

Businesses planning to promote particular products and events can also use the platform to maximum success. For example, Virgin America advertised their flights which supported Netflix through Twitter. Within a day, their tweet reached top trending news garnering 96% positive reactions from their followers. 

Another fact about Twitter is that 80% of its active users are considered “affluent millennials”. This bodes well for products and brands with millennials as their prime target audience. 

Furthermore, reports are showing that 93% of users who follow businesses on Twitter end up purchasing them, while 69% of them already made a purchase.


Tips to get more Twitter followers

Since we have established the importance of Twitter for your brand, we’ll discuss more about how you can use it to your advantage. First of all, you need a large fan base or following if you want to reach a wider audience. When you have more followers, your posts and other contents have better chances of getting shared which is vital when you are running an advertisement or a promotion. To gain more following, here’s what you need to do:

  • You need to follow more people and promote your account in other social media channels. You also need to maintain a well-curated bio using relevant keywords and links to your webpage. 
  • Post good-quality content regularly. You can also schedule your posts so that you can reach your target audience when they are likely online. There are tools like Sproutsocial which can help with post scheduling on social media. 
  • Use relevant hashtags to increase user engagement on your posts. As the engagement on your posts increases, the cost also decreases. 
  • You will increase user engagement by 18% if you use photos and videos. 
  • Retweet, tag, and reply. 
  • Engage with users who have the same interests. 
  • Build a network including influencers, and provide answers to questions you can assist with. 
  • Use other third-party tools to find new people to connect with. 

For someone who is a beginner on Twitter, all these may sound like too much work. The good thing is, you can outsource the job to providers who specialize in exactly what you are looking for – increasing social media following. To Buy twitter followers, here is a list of the top 10 sites available today. 


#1 Targeted likes


There are thousands of businesses, entertainers, and media personalities using Follower Packages to buy cheap followers on Twitter. Follower Packages offer competitive price ranges with unmatched quality and only genuine Twitter followers from live accounts. 

With Follower Packages, you can ensure that you maintain your account integrity and increase trust from new followers. They will provide you with a team of social media experts helping you through every step of the process to achieve Twitter success. You can select from packages beginning at $15 for 1,000 followers. 


#2 Best social


Bestsocial ‘Buy Twitter followers’ packages start at $8.95 for 500 followers. The pricing is competitive enough, and they also claim to provide the easiest and most reliable methods in increasing your Twitter following. Part of what they want to achieve is expanding your audience in the quickest possible timeframe compared with other providers.

Bestsocial also guarantees the security and privacy of your account with 24/7 customer support. Finding out if they deliver according to their promises within a short period for the price of their package is undoubtedly a risk, but it could be a risk one is willing to take considering the benefits of getting more followers. 


#3 Fly me social


This provider claims that they have the most reliable service in supplying Twitter followers. They also have affordable packages starting at $10 for 1,000 followers. Aside from Twitter followers, they also offer other services such as Twitter retweets. Their deals are quite flexible, and they have email support if you need assistance. Part of their claim is the assurance that you Buy Twitter followers from real accounts promising an extensive reach. But since they do all this automatically, it makes you wonder if you are really getting high-quality and authentic followers. 


#4 Liftlikes

Social media packages Red Social offers begin at $8 for 250 followers. This may seem a bit more expensive than other providers with a minimum delivery time of five days. But if you want, you can request to expedite the delivery. 

At the price point they offer, they promise to provide you with real followers and keep face accounts at bay. This assures you that your account won’t get flagged or banned. Their strategies tend to mimic a natural growth pattern so that it will not appear as if you are buying followers for your account. While they have a simple user interface, they need to step up regarding customer support. 


This provider exclusively caters to individuals looking to Buy Twitter followers. Since their area of expertise is Twitter, they claim to be the best vendor in providing the highest quality followers on this social media channel. They will deliver your followers organically and further argue that they provide the best value for your money. They will perform their social media marketing anonymously and keep your account information private. 

They have round the clock customer support and deliver within 48 hours of placing your order. In case your Twitter following drops, they also provide the free replacement within one year of purchase. 


#6 Get cheap likes


Follower Sale packages start at $12. This provider does not use bots for promotion. Instead, they promote your account manually through the help of experts. When you Buy Twitter followers from Follower Sale, you’ll get real accounts with actual profile pictures, complete bios, tweets, and their own list of followers. However, one of the downsides of their services is the relatively low retention period of 45-90 days depending on the package you purchase. 


#7 Be idolized


This provider is another one on this list which specialises on Twitter. Surprisingly, their packages are also affordable beginning at $9 for 1,000 followers. They also deliver within 1-3 days after placing an order. 

Part of their promise is to get real followers for your account. But since the price range is quite cheap and the delivery time is fast, it leads you to question whether you are really getting genuine followers and not automated ones. Nevertheless, in case you are not satisfied with their services, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee and round the clock customer service. One of the key features of their services is using CPA marketing techniques for promoting y our account to a demographic-specific targeting by using keywords. 


#8 buy Cheap Social


The lowest package Global Like offers is $40 for 5,000 followers. This price range makes them incompatible with those who are looking for something cheaper. With their premium price, you are also getting added features such as money-back guarantee and auto-loss protection. They offer a replacement guarantee within 30 days from the date of purchase. While their packages come at steeper prices, it is still somehow reasonable considering the features you are getting. 

One of their promises is that by availing their services, the increase in your followers will also lead to higher sales. Moreover, they have excellent support services which put an edge to what they offer over other providers. Part of their claim is that they are the best-selling, unique, and most appropriate social media marketing there is. 


#9 Cheap Likes


Buy Cheap likes Marketing, like other providers claim to be the most reliable in terms of packages for buying Twitter followers. They have a live chat, phone, and email support. Buy Real Marketing packages start at $10 for 500 followers. 

They have a delivery time of a minimum of 5-6 days which does not bode well for someone in a time crunch. What’s more suspicious is that within the said time, they will advise you not to start with your campaign to avoid getting flagged on the network. Another downside is that some of the followers they provide you with have “egg” profiles consisting of low-quality posts. 

Buy Real Marketing does not promise risk-free methods, but they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It is also interesting to note that they provide too many freebies and discounts which do not add up with their intent. 



The traditional method of increasing Twitter followers will take up a lot of time. If you want to speed up your campaign and get your message across right away, you do need to consider employing additional social media marketing strategies. If you Buy Twitter followers from a provider listed here, you can certainly achieve your goal in the soonest possible time.