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Buy Instagram Followers That are Real and Authentic From These Top 9 Sites

Buy Instagram Followers

- 4 months ago


Instagram is a relatively new social media site meant for sharing regular daily updates about our lives. In most cases, people use it to follow celebrities and other well-known personalities. But like other social media apps, Instagram turned out to be a significant marketing tool. Currently, there are around 800 million active users on the app spanning a global audience within its over seven years of existence. Right now, Instagram is the trendiest platform to advertise yourself or your brand. There are several media surveys which further confirm that Instagram is on top of the list of social media platforms if you are looking for followers by merely banking on visual content. If you buy Instagram followers, you can also bring more awareness to your brand. 

Instagram is an excellent platform for artists, musicians, and other personalities that benefit from posting photos and short videos to promote themselves and become famous. However, you need to use these tools effectively if you want to see the results. Some examples of personalities who made it big through social media include rapper Danielle Bregoli who gained 13 million followers through her Instagram posts and YouTube videos. There is no wonder that with a large following on Instagram, you can get your brand known around the world through minimal effort. 

Why is gaining more Instagram Followers important?

Instagram has a diverse set of users which include teens, millennials, and dynamic adults. You can target your audience effectively by focusing on the quality of the images you post. The app is unique in the sense that you don’t need extended captions or write-ups, as long as you can bank on your photos to attract followers. 

It is a proven characteristic of people to be attracted to beautiful visuals, therefore gaining a large following on Instagram is easy enough if you can manage to create statement photos that appeal to the interest and emotions of your followers. Through the help of digital tools, you can certainly use Instagram as a marketing tool. Aside from posting great photos, you also need to use the hashtag system to reach a wider audience and increase your following.

Why focus on Instagram?

Imagine the app as a massive photo album where you can showcase an entire portfolio to advertise products, or yourself as an influencer. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram does not collect much personal information, and you have greater control over the privacy and security features of the app. 

If you play your cards right, Instagram can also open doors to collaboration with other start-up businesses or influencers. Every up and coming artist should use Instagram as an online portfolio of their work and use as a strategy to get brand recognition. 

How do you increase Instagram followers?

Every beginner on social media will feel disappointed about how difficult it can be to get new followers and likes on your posts. This is especially true with Instagram. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve much with only a handful of followers. Let us discuss some of the proven ways to increase Instagram followers. 

First, you need to use hashtags effectively by following relevant posts, contents, and accounts. You can use the most popular and identifiable hashtags so that other people can find and follow your account. If you merely want to maximize your followers, you can start liking random photos or follow random accounts that catch your attention. 

But even if you’ve put in enough effort but still unable to achieve the number of followers you are aiming for, you can again advertise your brand and get your desired following if you buy Instagram followers. 

How does it work?

You buy Instagram following from social media marketing services that promote your account and content to your target audience according to a set timeframe stipulated in the package you paid for. These services typically offer a variety of packages so you can select how aggressive you want the approach to be. But before you proceed with this strategy, you need to analyze what you are getting with the amount you are paying. Here’s a look at the top providers for buying real Instagram followers.



#1 Targeted likes

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

This provider offers packages for as low as $5 for 100 followers and has a range of offers which will suit different budgets. Follower Packages is considered as the most ethical social media marketing provider available. While you can also buy cheap packages from other providers, Follower Packages provides competitive services by delivering results on time. 

They have a team of experts working to make sure that your account gets the right amount of following within the timeframe indicated in the package you paid for. They also ensure that you won’t have to worry about privacy and content copying or misuse because Follower Packages will guarantee that all these issues are abated. 

Since you are getting Instagram followers through a safe process, there is also no need to worry about breaking the platform’s terms of service because they understand that it is equally essential for you to maintain your credibility within the social media network. As the top choice on this list, it is Follower Packages’ commitment to providing only the highest quality likes and real followers.


#2 Stormlikes

storm likes.net

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

This provider has years of experience in delivering genuine and active Instagram followers. Furthermore, they promise high retention rates which means that you won’t experience a sudden drop in followers or likes later on. 

Another feature they offer with their packages is ‘drop protection where if you lose any of your followers in the future, they guarantee that within 30 days, they will re-fill the lost followers which is more than what other providers can offer. 

Their services also deliver fast with added customer support all at affordable price ranges making them one of the better choices when it comes to social media marketing. 


#3 Fly me social


Flymesocial offers paid promotions, and they will deliver exactly as promised. Similar to other providers offering paid promotions, there is no guarantee in the quality or permanency of the followers you get. One advantage to Flymesocial is their instant delivery. This strategy works best for someone looking to quickly get the word out there about their brand or product. However, if you are concerned about the credibility of your account and would like to bank on having a credible following, their service may not be for you. 



liftlikes has a promotional offer for first-time users looking to buy Instagram followers where they get 10% on their next order. Paying $20 for 250 followers gives you access to their automated follower services which guarantees a surge in your account followers. 

Once again, it is essential to keep in mind that Liftlikes does not offer the quality of the followers they provide because it is achieved through an automated service. 


#5 Best social 24


Bestsocial24 delivers some of the most affordable packages starting from $2.99 for 100 followers. They also promise to provide instantly only real profiles for the price you pay. With what they provide, Gramblast appears to be staying on top of the pack.

Nevertheless, one cannot help but speculate whether they provide you with permanent and credible followers. 


#6 Get cheap likes


Getcheaplikes offers many discounts such as an instant 10% off on their packages. Their packages start at $13 where the delivery is within 11 days from the date of purchase. This time constraint is a disadvantage if you are looking for instant delivery.

Nonetheless, if you have time on your hands, this provider is an excellent option. 


#7 Be idolized


Hands down the cheapest provider in this list when it comes to packages because you can buy Instagram followers for only $1.95. The pricing is excellent for someone who does not want to spend much on social media marketing efforts.

Although their competitive pricing is an advantage, there is not much information about the background and quality of followers they provide. There is also no guarantee that these followers are permanent.


#8 buy Cheap Social


This provider is a well-established social media marketing service, and they also promise to provide you with high-quality followers. They also assure to help you grow your following organically. They have excellent customer service along with timely delivery of results as part of what sets them apart from other providers. From what they promise, they do seem like a reliable option if you are looking to buy Instagram followers. However, their packages are a bit pricey which may not be the most affordable option especially if you are on a budget. 


#9 Cheap Likes


One of the promises of Boost Likes is keeping the safety of your account as well as replacing likes if any would disappear at any time. Books Likes is one of the most promising social media marketing providers offering users to buy Instagram followers. They provide likes that are high-quality and naturally added to your account gradually. By slowly building your likes, it looks more organic than dumping an instant load of likes on your posts. 

One of the disadvantages of their service is the steep prices which start at $40. This is a bit higher than what some are willing to pay. Another downside is the time constraint because of the gradual addition of likes to your profile. If you are looking for instant results, then Boost likes may not be the service for you. 



Buying Instagram followers is but one of the strategies you can employ to increase your reach and boost your social media presence. Before choosing one provider over another, it is not only essential to consider the cost, but it is equally vital to compare the services you are getting. It is a desirable feature to look for a provider offering real and authentic followers as opposed to an instant following with no guaranteed permanency. 

At the end of the day, your account credibility is essential, and you would want to build trust from your actual followers to ensure that you retain them and guarantee the real benefits of having a massive following on Instagram. If you do buy Instagram followers, you need to be sure that you are getting the results you are aiming for without compromising the trustworthiness of your profile.