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10 of the Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views from

Buy YouTube Views

- 4 months ago


YouTube is a flourishing social media site where influencers emerge from every corner of the world. Because of the rapid growth of YouTube, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get subscribers and viewers on your channel. Because of the competition, there are more and more people on YouTube that buy YouTube views to get recognized and boost their following. Buying views is a proven strategy to increase social media growth in getting likes, views, and subscribers. 

In any social media channel, how your target audience perceives you and your brand is key to attracting more followers. If you have low fan base, it can be challenging to get more followers. One of the reasons why people avoid accounts with few followers is to prevent getting victimized by ‘clickbait.’

When you open YouTube, videos with more views are likely to appear in the trending page and attract additional viewers. If you think that YouTube stars rely only on their efforts to get likes, then you are gravely mistaken. It is true that your content is still the main factor that draws in your target audience, you can get a much-needed boost when you buy likes. 

Thinking that buying likes is unethical is a myth. Those who are famous on YouTube know and apply such practices to get a push on their following. Here are the ten best sites for buying likes, views, and subscribers.


#1 Targeted likes

Rating: 4.9 out of 5


This company is by far the most reliable provider offering performance-based social media marketing services. Through Follower Packages, you will get access to personalized service using well-analyzed techniques to boost your social media presence. 

They will also ensure that you maintain good credibility on YouTube along with other platforms all at very reasonable prices. While Follower Packages offer some of the cheapest rates, they do not compromise on the quality. 

For added convenience, they also offer secure payments through PayPal and quickly deliver on their promise to provide you with high-quality views and followers. Followers Packages offers services on getting YouTube views, Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and much more. Whatever you need regarding social media marketing, you will get under one roof. 



#2 Best social


This site’s services are a bit pricier but what they do offer is exponential growth on your social media following which will help improve your reputation. Their services span across several channels including YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Vimeo. If you are looking for an excellent site to help you promote your YouTube channel, then Famoid is an attractive option for you. 

Famoid claims that they were responsible for making famous stars out of several artists, musicians, companies, corporations, and directors. With their packages, you will get what you pay for, so it is worth checking out. 



#3 Fly me social


Although this company claims that they are the number one provider for getting you YouTube views, our review should help you decide that for yourself. They offer services for both YouTube and Instagram and further claim that they don’t deliver fake views. 

Part of what comes with their packages is to guarantee that your videos will reach viral status, but this remains to be seen. They deliver results quickly, and the packages are quite affordable, but the catch is you will have to order a minimum amount. They have a simple price range breakdown, but it is still up to the client to determine whether they are getting the best value for money. 



#4 Liftlikes


liftlikes only offers services for YouTube which makes them an expert on this platform. liftlikes is also offering ‘targeted YouTube views’ which will further guarantee that you get high-quality YouTube views within a few hours of posting your video. The services of liftlikes also span over 30 countries with worldwide clientele buying subscriptions, likes, dislikes, and comments. 

Their price range begins at $5 and goes all the way up to $45. With their packages, you with fast delivery and privacy protection which is a common feature of most of the sites in this list. But even with these attractive features, you still need to choose wisely when you want to buy YouTube views. 

Most people on YouTube think that buying likes, views, and subscribers are not an acceptable practice. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. Buying views and likes is only a strategy akin to marketing and is just meant to help YouTubers gain an increased presence. 



#5 Best social 24


This is another website which deals exclusively with YouTube and offers a variety of services related to YouTube under one roof. Although it is convenient to get a variety of YouTube related services in one place, it can become complicated especially because there are too many options. Their packages range from $7 to $595 which make their packages the priciest on this list. But you can always choose from their basic and premium offers according to your budget. 

A lot of people end up making a mistake in choosing the right company to buy YouTube views from. What this website promises are to offer increased popularity through live and real accounts. Although the reality here is that if you are aiming for a massive boost on your account’s reputation, you need to pay premium prices. 



#6 Get cheap likes


This provider supposedly has the best offers when it comes to YouTube followers, views, Twitter followers, among other services. When it comes to social media marketing, there is a formula which can guarantee you get an advantage in gaining social media popularity. This company promises to get you a boost on your YouTube following. Buying one of their packages is a great promotional tool to get your business noticed. 

Aside from offering YouTube views and likes, they also help with SoundCloud, Twitter, and web page traffic generation. They don’t have an extensive list of offerings, but for someone who is starting out, they are an excellent starting point. 



#7 Be idolized


Paying for YouTube views is one of the best ways you can attract traffic to your channel because these views serve as an avenue for developing a stable position and reputation within the platform. Buy Rea Social offers to provide a 100% genuine and pre-selected users. After making a purchase, they will slowly start adding the likes to your account to make sure that the procedure remains safe and secure. 

They will help you with growing your online presence by delivering an audience right away which further guarantees that you get an even more substantial following for your brand or business. They will also follow an effective method of getting bigger YouTube exposure which you can get by just buying one of their packages. Their services are perfect for someone with a mid-range budget who is looking for a slow campaign. 



#8 buy Cheap Social


This website not only specializes on YouTube, but also offer their services for other social media channels like Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook. Whatever you are looking when it comes to social media marketing is available through Authentic Views. You can buy YouTube views, comments, shares, and subscriptions. 

They have comprehensive YouTube packages that will guarantee to boost your channel ranking and also ensure that your target audience sees your content. 

They have affordable prices, and you can begin with an entry-level purchase to test out their services. They also promise that when you order a particular package, you will even get free likes, although there is no guarantee that the free likes are authentic. Their prices range from $5 to $150, so you can easily choose a package which suits your needs and budget. 



#9 Cheap Likes


All of the websites included in this list promise that the engagement they bring comes from real accounts with real people behind these accounts who view and leave their likes on your content. View Geek is no exception to this claim. The services they offer for YouTube include likes, views, additional subscribers, and comments. Furthermore, they also provide custom packages for their clients. 



Their prices are not as affordable as others, and if you want to buy YouTube views from them, it is either a one-time investment or none at all. They have excellent privacy and security policies which include the payment methods they accept. Although all the websites in this list are proven safe and reliable. 

If you check current studies on social media marketing, it shows that if you have a large following, 40% of people who visit your channel of view your content on YouTube for the first time will be more curious about your brand and are likely to become subscribers. 


When you bug YouTube likes from one of these websites, you will get likes and views from genuine accounts thus maintaining your account credibility. You won’t have to worry about getting sanctioned or your account getting penalized on YouTube. Buying views is another investment you can make to get your social media account recognition right on track. 


The reality of the trade is that when you buy YouTube views, you will attract more followers rather than if you rely on organically growing your following. This is even truer when you consider YouTube because this platform gives prime importance to your ranking and following. The more engagement you get from followers, the higher the traffic your content generates. This is the formula which separates viral YouTube starts from mere YouTube channels.