May 26, 2017



It is becoming apparent with time that brands on the hop on the social media platforms first gain the most benefit. With each passing day, a new trend in social media emerges, and everybody joins the bandwagon. But only those who join earliest, tend to have the edge over their competitors.

Back in the day, when Facebook started advertising, it was cheaper than today. Those company’s which signed up at that time have the most followers now. Because they had to spend the very little amount of money to engage their audiences. But as the demand for Facebook ads increased over the years, it became more and more expensive for small businesses to use Facebook’s monthly plans.

All the famous social media platforms have the highest revenues including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is a tough competition among these social media platforms.

But Snapchat is one platform where marketing is just beginning to rise. Less than 2% of businesses use Snapchat for advertising right now. This is a very low percentage even though Snapchat gets 4 billion views in a single day. It is incredibly popular among 18-38-year-olds and is gaining popularity among older people too.

It currently ranks at 4th place among social media platforms, and for this reason, it is important that you use Snapchat for your marketing strategy, especially if you are selling products for young people.

Here are a few ways you can utilize Snapchat.


In case if you don’t already know, Snapchat is a platform which makes the stories disappear after every 24 hours. So you won’t see the same post the next day, and your company can take advantage of this.

The snaps or pictures that people share on Snapchat last only for 10 seconds after they have been viewed and then disappear automatically. The stories, on the other hand, have a 24 hour period before they disappear too.

You can share stories of clearance sales or price drops with your followers to create a sense of urgency as they know that this story or offer will disappear in 24 hours. So you create a sense of call for immediate action, hence using your marketing strategies successfully.


This is similar to people reviewing products on Youtube. You can get the biggest influence on Snapchat to market your product by showing themselves using it. This is a great way to increase the awareness of your brand among Snapchat users.

If their favorite celebrity is using it, then people will be inspired to use your products as well. Fans are extremely loyal to their celebrities and you cannot underestimate their power. Social media makes them feel like they are connecting with their idols directly and hence feel more excited to try what their idols are using.



You may be thinking that why would you want your brand to blend in when you are using social media for the purpose of making your brand stand out. In this context, I do not mean that you blend in and make your brand seem similar to another, instead what I am suggesting is that you stay on trend and use the similar slang or language or words which are being said by youngsters.

If you want to target young people, you not only have to think like them but also speak the same language too. Once they see that the brand is using the same words for communication, it will make your brand “cool”, and everyone will want to buy it.

You have to ensure your brand is alive and cool if you want to market on Snapchat because it is unlike traditional marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where brands do not have to be cool to stand out.





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